Wednesday, March 9, 2011

good oldies

bullied by seniors; got caught sneaking out; chased by a black dog in a dark night; punished by wardens; suspended from school; chased by a guard for sneaking into school meeting room to watch some porns; got injured playing rugby; failed in physics, biology, chemicals and add maths; fucked up in 'kem hijrah'; wins and loses in rugby tournaments; hated by some teachers; listened some shit musics; had a crush on a girl then got rejected; love letters; got some secret admirers; smoked for the first time; learnt playing guitar; slept in classes; cheated in exams; watched porns in the teachers' office in the night; got some medals from long distance races; captained a sport house; stole a telly from canteen, and a dvd player from school meeting room; sneaked into empty girls' hostel; smoked in an empty class in the night, accidentally set the class on fire; had camping trips with classmates; got straight A's in PMR; played some shit football in the evening; etcetera..

oh, and blind-dated a cute, charming, sweet sweet girl!


gone are those days.


msab said...

x sume gone kot.. haha

Anonymous said...

setelah memerati blog kawan2..aku rasa blog ko la paling menarik yob.aku rasa ko ni memang puitis lah.
aku rasa ko salah kos lah.tukar kos je lah.ambik kos kesusaterawan dgn abdullah hussain.
anyway.all the best ber-blog dan ber-blow.
salud.-abu zaher yaser

Anonymous said...

ayob gemok..

ayob said...

cayalah abu-j baca blog gua! haha. thanks anyway for the compliments.